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Hi Kevin.

Finally got my conservatory built see attached picture. Just wanted to thank you, Kevin and the whole team for all your support.

The product you sell is excellent and I am now thoroughly enjoying relaxing in my conservatory. It was along journey but with your help I finally got there.

The conservatory just fitted together beautifully, no missing or damaged parts, as I said earlier fantastic product backed up with brilliant support.Cheers

Dave Paulin Inverness.


Which is the best roof type for my conservatory Glass or Polycarbonate?

Conservatories and Conservatory Design: Conservatory Kit

What a great question. Is a glass conservatory roof better than a polycarbonate roof? This is one of those questions that could be debated for ever. At conservatory kit we will always try to give you the facts to make up your own mind. However with all decisions there are positives and negatives with both. Below we have tried to give you the information to help you make your own mind up. Cost and budget.

A polycarbonate roof will always be cheaper than a glass roof of any specification. Why ? The cost of the materials is the main issue. This comes down to glass being more expensive and heavier than a polycarbonate roof. Heavier why should this effect the price? Well if you think about it the weight of a glass roof needs a lot more support and so the aluminium rafters and support beams all have to be thicker and heavier duty to take the extra weight. But donít think that buying a polycarbonate roof is the cheap option yes the materials are lighter but at conservatory kit quote our roofs are 25mm thick and can be upgraded to 35mm for even greater performance. Heat loss Properties

Heat loss Properties

A little known fact as well is that a 25mm Polycarbonate roof has an incredibly low U value as a thermal property. This means that itís extremely heat efficient and with our roofing system gives a U value (the measurement of heat loss) of around 1.4. As a guide a standard piece of glass is around 2.4 the lower the value the greater. But obviously there are up rated glass types to combat this heat loss such as a Pilkington K glass or Celsius Conservatory Glass roof.


Generally a Conservatory glass roof will have a noise reduction of over 100% compared to a 25mm Polycarbonate roof. If you plan to put a TV in the conservatory and use it through the winter a glass roof is the better option.

Ease of Fit

Both frame works are identical with subtle upgrades to take the weight of the glass. This is not noticeable in the construction time of your conservatory although it will be a two man job lifting glass roof Units into place due to the increase in weight of the glass


Both types of roof do an excellent job the main deciphering factor is the cost. This comes down to the budget that you decide but like anything we give all our prices upfront and you can easily get a conservatory glass roof price from Conservatory Kit - all you do is fill in you details and a price will be emailed to you to fit your conservatory design within minutes.

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