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Hi Kevin.

Finally got my conservatory built see attached picture. Just wanted to thank you, Kevin and the whole team for all your support.

The product you sell is excellent and I am now thoroughly enjoying relaxing in my conservatory. It was along journey but with your help I finally got there.

The conservatory just fitted together beautifully, no missing or damaged parts, as I said earlier fantastic product backed up with brilliant support.Cheers

Dave Paulin Inverness.


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Generally there are two types of glass in a conservatory Plain Glass and Energy saving glass such as Pilkington K glass.

Both types of glass have to be toughened to meet the tight UK safety regulations. At conservatory kit we take the view that all of the conservatory glas including the top of the windows should be toughened. This means that if a pane of glass breaks it is into tiny harmless pieces similar to when a car window screen is broken. Some companies donít toughen their top lights in an effort to save a few pounds but ask yourself this ďIs your safety worth compromising?" We donít think so.

What is the difference between Pilkington K glass and Normal Glass?

Pilkington K glass when manufactured into our 28mm Glass units is a coating on one of the inside faces of the glass. This means that the coating is scratch resilient and offers a number of heat saving properties. Firstly the patented coating allows solar gain i.e. the heat from the sun to pass through it and into and warm your conservatory. Very nice on a winters day - heating for free. But better than that it then reflects the heat back into the room rather than letting it escape. Pilkington K glass is also a great reflector of long wave radiation. This means that it reflects heat back into the room from radiators and fires to maintain your conservatories energy efficiency.

What does all this mean to me?

Pilkington K glass will save you money on your heating bills. Its unique patented technology gives you superior insulation properties over standard glass and with its Passive solar gain it is the leading Eco-friendly glass on the market. It also means that you can use your conservatory all year round.

How do I know if I have been supplied with Pilkington K glass?

All manufacturers should put a k glass sticker on the pane to show you which way round the glass should fit in the frame. At www.conservatorykit.co.uk our frames come pre-glazed (with the glass in the frames). This means that you donít have to worry about this but hey we just leave the stickers on so you can see them. If you havenít brought them from us it should be on your order or you can buy a Pilkington glass detector but these are quite expensive

Are there other types of Low emission Glass on the market?

We are not a Yes there are but why compromise other types of low e glass have trade names such as Saint-Gobain or Solaglass.

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